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Dr. Gresham, I presume?

“Jen is the most curious person I’ve ever met.”

My (favorite) former boss 
airforce academy

I am a Ph.D. scientist, 20-year military veteran, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, and nonprofit founder. My nickname is Tigger because I’m easily excitable (clearly). But I get especially excited about human performance at work.

I spent the first half of my career leading and funding science and technology programs as an officer in the U.S. Air Force, bridging the disciplines of biology, psychology, and technology.  If there’s one thing my experiences have taught me, it’s how to teach myself nearly anything and adapt to continuous change. None of that stopped me from having occasional bouts of Imposter Syndrome though, so my coach would occasionally read the best parts of my resume to me:

  • Got a Ph.D. in biochemistry in just 3 years, almost half the time it normally takes
  • Served as the Assistant Chief Scientist for the Human Performance Wing (longest job title ever), providing far-term innovation and scientific rigor for human-centered science
  • Led strategic grant-making for two research portfolios valued at $13M, exploring novel energy solutions, materials for extreme environments, and bio-inspired technologies
  • Led a 25-member Corporate Communications team, directing communications for a 9,500-member organization across 14 research sites
  • Named the Air Force’s Research & Development Scientist of the Year
  • Have had four poems read on NPR from my book Diary of a Cell

After the military, I decided to pursue my other big dream and became a (paid) writer. I curated research findings and wrote several articles & book chapters on the topic of human performance augmentation for a non-scientific audience. I simultaneously wrote about my big career switcheroo on my blog and people started asking if they could hire me.

Hire me for what, pray tell?

And that’s how I founded my own coaching and consulting business where I’ve helped people from all levels of experience and leadership take on the biggest and most meaningful challenges of their careers. And I still get to write—about innovation, leadership, the history of science, complexity. The list of topics goes on and on, because that’s what curious writers do.

Best. Job. Ever.

When I’m not working, I love to hike, play Wordle, learn Norwegian on Duolingo, and spend time with my husband, daughter, and two incredibly co-dependent cats.

jen and daughter