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You’re going to be great someday

I heard it my whole life, and I’m willing to bet you that you’ve heard it too. In fact, I bet that no matter how hard you work, or how much you achieve, you still feel like “being great” just hasn’t happened (and you’re not sure why). I know this because I’ve been there – and it stinks. It doesn’t even make sense, does it? You’re driven. You’re ambitious. You dream big. You are a success in a lot of ways (even if you don’t give yourself credit). You shouldn’t feel like you are always behind where you are supposed to be in life. But you do. Even worse is that pursuing your ambition hasn’t felt as meaningful, joyful, or successful as you imagined it would. And that is why you are reading this right now. You have decided that being great “someday” isn’t what you are after. You are ready to step into your greatness now, and I can help you make that happen. But first, you need to understand something.

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I only work with high achievers.


Because when you are a high achiever, your success IS your problem. When you are determined to experience phenomenal personal and professional self-defined success, the very things you did to get where you are now can be the things that keep you from your next level of achievement. And to make matters fatal, as a high achiever, you probably believe you do not need someone to coach you towards the success you want. You are not interested in paying someone for hand holding or talking about that time you weren’t selected to be on the varsity team in high school. You are not willing to pay for watered-down advice or pep talks with no substance, or anything else you can find in a book or $99 e-course.

But that is not what I do – not even close.

My superpower is helping high achievers like yourself eliminate the self-sabotaging habits and beliefs that hold you back from the desires and opportunities you think are out of reach. If you are prone to believing that you just “have to do more” to reach your goals, the last thing you need are more cookie-cutter tactics and information that only sends you into overwhelm. What you need is a next level mindset and strategy designed to create the life you picture so clearly when you close your eyes. If you have the wrong mindset and the wrong strategy you can work yourself TO DEATH and never “get there.” But if we work together, with eyes wide open, we will reconstruct the way you think about yourself. We will reevaluate what you believe you are capable of. And, we will define what success actually looks like in your life – so that you can start living it.

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But, Jen, I don’t really think I’m a high achiever.

Of course you don’t! You are still waiting to “live up to your potential” before finding yourself worthy of that title, aren’t you? Here are some examples of what success looks like when high achievers learn how to quiet the voices in their head and start being the person they’ve always wanted to be.

  • After over a decade of working for an American software giant, Dinesh wasn’t sure he had the chops to launch his own startup. After working together, he found the confidence to make his first pitch, and to his astonishment, won $1.5 million in venture capital funds. Although the start-up didn’t work out, he was able to leverage the experience, landing a more rewarding job with a major tech company.
  • Kim was devastated when she was medically retired from her dream job as an Army officer. All the obvious options based on her degree and Army experience felt like a huge let down. Together we identified a new career path as a copywriter, a career she had never even remotely considered, that excited her. Within a year, she was fully booked with new business.
  • Kyle was a composer and had just gotten fired from his job as a food server. With just $92 in his checking account and another baby on the way, he was desperate. I coached him on how to land a job in sales, even with no prior experience, helping him ultimately became one of the company’s top sales people. He success meant his salary doubled every year, four years in a row, allowing his family to buy their first home. He also gained the necessary confidence and sales expertise to create a fulfilling music business on the side.
  • Maria had done an amazing job growing an international nonprofit from the ground up. However, she was also so overworked and exhausted, she could barely get out of bed in the morning. I helped Maria realize it was okay to let go of the responsibility and stress to take a one-year sabbatical, where she traveled the world, nurtured her health, and deepened her relationships with friends and family. When she was ready, she got a new job that allowed her to increase her impact while still taking care of herself. 
  • Carmen was a single mom and solopreneur, but struggled with mental blocks around money, causing her to consistently undercharge for her services. Although she got plenty of praise for her work, she felt like a failure because she was barely making enough to live on. We came up with the challenge of finding just one client who paid her as much as all her other clients combined. Within two months, she’d done it and took her kids to Paris to celebrate. Within another six months, she’d landed her second client at her new rate, allowing her to start paying off debts and massively grow her business.

So, let’s talk, shall we?

I work with people all over the world providing custom-tailored coaching to meet your needs. Click the button below to submit a coaching application below, and together we can turn someday into now.