Jennifer Gresham

Are you searching for an inspiring, invigorating speaker?

Are you searching for an expert in professional development who can offer your audience a powerful, thought-provoking presentation?

Is your organization looking for a speaker who can empathize with individuals in transition and simultaneously galvanize them to move toward a more fulfilling work experience?

If so, look no further than Jennifer Gresham.

Jennifer is an expert in the field of professional development, an invaluable leader for people who feel that they’ve stagnated in their current roles.

As a coach and teacher, Jennifer is the founder of the No Regrets Career Academy, an online course that helps mid-career professionals discover work that makes them happier, more successful, and personally fulfilled. Her coaching work with individuals in transition gives her special insight into what makes for a happy, successful, and intrinsically motivated employee.

As a public speaker, Jennifer inspires her audiences toward stronger work performance and morale. If your organization’s members need a catalyst for positive change, contact Jennifer to speak.


I have a great income, increasing responsibility, and am respected by my peers and my employers. So, why aren’t I excited to go to work each day? Although I am good at what I do and am satisfied most days, I feel like I am miscast in others. I go to work because I “ought” to, not because I can’t wait to get there. Jen has helped me realize that there is a better way to live my life
– Daria Giron,

…Jen has a way of touching our soft spots and then motivating us to get going. Her perfect balance of intuition and logic deliver actionable awareness. It’s rare to find a life and career coach with such a rich portfolio of experiences that ensure advice that is practical and grounded. Jen’s authenticity and caring are ever-present…
– Dawn Lennon, Business Fitness,

Jen often seems to be writing her posts for me. I’m sure it helps that we have relatively similar early career paths (scientist in the military vs engineer at a defense contractor). Either way she nails it when she talks about ambition, list making, guilt, and that little nagging voice saying, “Hey! Things aren’t right!”
– Kelly Sieler,

Why Jennifer?

As a scientist, scholar, and coach, Jennifer offers tangible, concrete advice, delivered with heart. Many professional development speakers focus on one of three areas when speaking about career satisfaction:  passion, personality, or personal strengths. By contrast, Jennifer teaches people that all three qualities are important. Her work helps individuals to find the sweet spot that brings these qualities together.

To Jennifer’s mind, personal development and career success don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and with good reason:  she has experienced both first hand. As a Ph.D. biochemist and former Assistant Chief Scientist of the Human Performance Wing for the Air Force Research Lab, she knows what it takes to be an elite leader. Since leaving the Air Force four years short of retirement to pursue her dream career as a teacher, writer, and speaker, her life story has brought encouragement and hope to many.

Jennifer’s professional development work helps thousands of people through her blog, Everyday Bright. Likewise, her current clients (who are located in over a dozen countries around the world) have made significant professional and personal transformations thanks to their work with Jennifer.

Is my group a good fit for Jennifer?

Organizations and companies that benefit most from Jennifer’s work include, but are not limited to:

  • Companies related to professional and personal development
  • Universities, particularly career centers
  • Non-profits, or companies associated with personal wellness
  • Companies that represent a brand of great work and integrity

Possible Speaking Topics Include

  • Career Change
  • Human Resources
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Women’s Issues

For more information, including Sample Sessions and Talks:
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